The magic of a morning routine

Morning routines are so important to our overall wellness and there are many benefits to having a stable morning routine⁣⁣ such as boosts happiness, increases productivity, reduces stress levels, and gets you grounded for the day. 

Plus, there is so much beauty in waking up and having time to yourself before the rest of the world. Once you’ve allowed yourself to create your morning space – that’s yours and nobody else controls how you utilize that time. Once your day kicks off so much of our time is controlled by our obligations — morning free time is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. 

⁣⁣Here are four key elements to create a sustainable morning routine:

⁣⁣Gratitude: Express gratitude to someone, some place or something everyday. Identify what makes you feel good.
Actions: think it, write it or share it with someone special. 

⁣⁣Insight: Learn and gain insight on something new. 
Action: Read a book, listen to a podcast, pick up the newspaper

⁣⁣Mindfulness: Spend time alone breathing, visualizing or listening to light sound while focusing on your breath.
Action: Allow yourself 10-15 minutes of deep breathing exercises

⁣⁣Movement: Movement in your body or physical space to get the blood flowing. Move in a way that makes your body feel good.
Action: Walk, exercise, stretch, yoga

Your morning routine is defined by the evening therefore, a morning routine also means a night time routine that allows you to be well rested to feel your best. Give yourself the space to establish a healthy, restful evening routine so the attention we’ve given the mornings begins to expand and define the entire day. 

⁣⁣Tapping into each of these elements first thing in the morning sets the tone for the entire day. Find a morning routine that works best for you and challenge yourself to stick with it for 30 days!

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